Creekside Springs

What Do We Offer?

The Company focuses on co-packing and private label arrangements via four distinctive business segments:

1. Store Brands for Supermarkets & Convenience Stores

Supermarkets and Convenience StoresCreekside provides bottled water of all sizes ranging from 12 oz. to a 2 1/2 gallon size to wholesalers, supermarket chains, convenience stores and distributors. Our equipment flexibility allows for distinct corporate branding and packaging.

Creekside employs unique just in time delivery systems to permit Electronic Data Interface (EDI) order processing, advance shipping notice and invoicing. Creekside typically ships EDI ordered product within 24 hours of order receipt. [ More... ]

2. Private Label for Individuals & Groups

Private Label for Individuals and GroupsCreekside provides single serve case quantity water with customized labels to food services, convenience stores, corporate, business, school, fund raising and other private entities in lot sizes range from a few cases to full truckload quantities. Creekside has the ability to design and print customized, full-color labels for single serve products ranging from 12 oz. to 1 liter bottles. [ More... ]

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3. Co-Packing Arrangements: Single-serve PET Containers

Co-Packing: Single-serve PET ContainersVia co-packing arrangements, Creekside bottles and packages single serve enhanced water on behalf of certain customers using customized label and packaging.

These customers may provide all necessary packaging materials, labels and additives to Creekside, and Creekside converts these materials to finished product and may coordinate warehousing and/or transportation.

Enhanced waters may include flavors, vitamins, electrolytes, preservatives or other additives using a customized batch process.

Creekside is capable of customer specific multi-sided labeling and packaging configurations. [ More... ]

4. HOD Distributors for 3 and 5 Gallon Units

Licensed Dirstributor ProgramBulk Returnable Sales – Creekside bottles returnable 3 and 5 gallon units for customers in truckload quantity for delivery by the various distributors or franchisees.

Creekside is a licensed bottler for Culligan International within the geographic region and serves both independent and Culligan franchises operating Home and Office Delivery (HOD) businesses. [ More... ]