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Creekside Springs, LLC (Creekside) is a full line supplier of bottled water for private label, contract package (co-packing) and store brand agreements. The Company bottles spring, distilled, purified and enhanced products in serving sizes ranging from single serve 12oz bottles to 5 gallon returnable units.

Creekside operates bottling facilities located in Ambridge, PA and Salineville, OH as well as maintaining protected natural spring water sources. The Company also manufactures one gallon HDPE bottles utilized in its operations.

The Company operates under a Quality Management System using the principles of the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute.

The Company focuses on co-packing and private label arrangements via four distinctive business segments:

Store Brands for Supermarket & Convenience Stores
Creekside provides one (1.0) and two and one half (2.5) gallon units to large retailers on a private label basis.

Private Label for Groups & Individuals
Creekside provides single serve case quantity water with customized labels to food services, convenience stores, corporate, business, school, fund raising and other private entities in lot sizes range from a few cases to full truckload quantities.

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Co-packing Arrangements
Creekside bottles and packages single serve enhanced water on behalf of certain customers using customized label and packaging. Enhanced waters may include flavors, vitamins, electrolytes, preservatives or other additives using a customized batch process.

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HOD Distributors
Creekside bottles returnable 3 and 5 gallon units in truckload quantity for delivery by various home and office delivery (HOD) entities primarily under the Culligan label.

All our water is of the highest quality. In addition to following quality protocols of the SQF Institute and GMP, we are also inspected by the FDA, PA and OH Department of Environmental Protection, NSF, IBWA, and the Bureau of Food Safety. Our gallon bottle manufacture also maintains an Interstate Milk Shippers Permit via the PA Dept. of Agriculture for interstate use.

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