Creekside Springs: Private Label Bottled Water

Make a Splash with Private Label Bottled Water

About Creekside Springs

Promote your special message or corporate identity with great-tasting, refreshing, healthy bottles of 100% HyperPure® water. Your logo will be printed on a permanent waterproof label and the bottles are recyclable. You and your customers will truly love this unique giveaway and branded water helps you exhibit company pride.

Creekside Springs specializes in producing high end personalized bottled water and custom bottled water for any size of company, anywhere. We offer personalized bottled water in several formats. We offer spring water, purified water, custom-formulated or enhanced water. Custom bottled water has many applications. Anywhere you see brand water being sold could be your custom bottled water. Luxury hotels, restaurants, high-end hospitality, food service venues and mass wholesale initiatives are several of our industries we supply with our private labeled bottled water. With sales of bottled water including the personalized variety at an all time high, Creekside Springs provides you with the opportunity to capitalize on this emerging trend.

The key to being successful in the bottled water market is to look different than everyone else and give a higher perceived value to the consumer than your competitors. Private label bottled water offers a healthy and useful solution for advertising. It can be an exciting eye catcher that is sure to draw the attention of the person holding it as well as others around. The graphics can not only hold a logo, phone number or web site, but a picture of your #1 product. Did you know that most often, private label bottled water costs less than other types of advertising giveaways?

Private label bottled water is great for …

  • Banquets
  • Charity events like golf and softball tournaments
  • Company picnics
  • Company sponsorships
  • Corporate meetings
  • Customer giveaways
  • Grand openings
  • National sales meetings
  • New product promotion
  • Promotions fundraising
  • Restaurants/catering
  • Training sessions
  • Trade shows

Ordering from Creekside Springs is easy. Click on contact and send us an email with your request. We will provide you with a quotation detailing all costs including label set-up and shipping. Creekside Springs provides competitive pricing and service nationwide. Our freight rates for pallet orders are the best. We do large, medium and small quantities, too with orders ranging from 12 cases to truckloads. Your custom label can be created with our simple process – please see the website for easy-to-follow instructions.